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(all testing of these products are our opinions no one has paid us for a any response. The samples are free but what we think of the product is our consensus)

Brand Backer

We were lucky enough to be brought in on the campaign for Healthy directions Trilane Retinol + Vitamin C

When the bottle comes in we will let you know what we think …


We were lucky enough to be chosen for the following campaigns

Chobani Flip

This is what we got one free coupon for us and two free coupons for friends and family, a door hanger , and some cut little cards. I am going today or tomorrow to get my free sample then I will let you know how it is….

Finlandia Imported butter

This is what we got a few free coupons and some $1.50 off coupons , and a oven mitt to help with baking. We are gonna go to try to find this one in the next few days (Safeway didn’t have it). We will get back soon ..

Paula’s Choice Resist Hyaluronic acid Booster

We got some 20% off coupons, 5 samples, and beauty books.

We handed these out and now we have to see how the product works .. We will be back soon..

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