Happy 2017!

Happy 2017! I hope this post finds you healthy and happy. So, about that elephant in the room aka:the long pause of posts. Here is the truth… we just needed a break. It was supposed to be like a week or two. Maybe. We know how that panned out. During that time, I worked on friendships, got a promotion at work, and just tried to be a good mom to Cooper who had a very rough year. He graduated High School and then one of his buddies committed suicide. It changed things. He floundered through the first two semesters of college and we are trying to get him to where he needs to be(Anyone who thinks parenting ends at 18 is crazy. He needs us now more than ever). This summer we also lost our Aunt on Mothers Day, Grandpa on Fathers Day, and Great Aunt a few weeks ago. I didn’t share these stories to bring the house down, but that is where our heads have been. My sister and I are working through what we have to but have missed blogging. We hope to get back into the swing of things and acclimate to our new normal. Thank you for checking in with us and we hope to do you proud with some fun product reviews, recipes, quotes of the day, and anything else that tickles our fancy.

Hope you have a relaxing & happy Sunday 🙂

Sole Patches Review

We go to try Sole Patches adhesive pads for a review and here it is these things are one of the weirdest concepts to me you apply these little flower looking things to you feet and it is supposed to be normal…

Everything went so fast at the holidays when I was accepted to the campaign I didn’t think they would show up right at Christmas but they couldn’t have come at a better time. This time of year we are wearing new shoes, or shoes that are not our normal shoes so we can look pretty and these were awkward at first, You apply them like a band aid to the bottom of your feet and they stick , they are non slip, and they are cushioned what could go wrong?

Like I said they were awkward but they were comfortable and non slip so what they claim is true. it is definitely a different experience but as long as your feet are clean, dry, and no lotions or oils on them they stick, they are cushioned,  and my feet did not slide once so that’s a win in my book….

About the product

Sole Patches are a thin cushioned patch that sticks onto the ball of your foot. The cushioning is made of Poron by Rogers Corporation, a special material that’s shock-absorbing, antimicrobial, anti-odor, and has moisture-repelling properties, making it a perfect solution to avoiding having sore feet at the end of the day in uncomfortable shoes!


Learn About the Brand

Sole Patches are a thin cushioned patch that sticks onto the heel or ball of your foot. The cushioning is made of Poron by Rogers Corporation, a special material that’s shock-absorbing, antimicrobial, anti-odor, and has moisture-repelling properties, making it a perfect solution to avoiding having sore feet at the end of the day in uncomfortable shoes!
Short video about the product


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Derma-e new packaging



We were so lucky to be chosen for the Derma-e new packaging campaign. The new packaging will be available March 2017 in Whole foods, Ulta beauty, and other place. This is the same great affordable formula but with a new look.

We received a sample of the Hydrating day crème and the hydrating night cream I love this formula it is so friendly to my face and wallet. I consider it a doable product something I can afford on a regular basis and makes me feel great about what I am putting on my skin. The company is eco friendly and the product is skin friendly I have never had a bad reaction to my skin and it is readily available around town. I can’t wait to use and see more of the product line.





A little about the company

Ethical Beauty

Since 1984, our passion for health, wellness and
environmental sustainability has grown strong.
We have high ethical standards and never
compromise on skin health and safety. Our
100% vegan, cruelty-free formulas do not
contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates,
petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial colors, gluten,
soy or GMOs. Now that’s honest-to-goodness
skin care.

Purchases support global communities and the


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Valentia Night Revive Retinol Serum

We were picked for the campaign for Valentia Night revive Retinol Serum it was an unexpected surprise. I tried it after a late night it comes with a little dropper so I put it on one side of my face to see the difference it was the weirdest thing my skin exfoliated itself and felt plumper. It is a little oily so I wouldn’t put it under makeup but since it is a night serum that makes it ok.  I had no redness no breakout which is always good in my book. The Brand never lets me down. The only downfall is you have to order it online. I am really excited to keep using it and see more changes I will keep you updated.


About the brand

The Roman Goddess of healing, Valentia, relied on nature’s gifts to heal the citizens of Umbria. Whether matriarchs seeking to maintain their youthful look or farmers seeking help for sun damaged skin, Valentia used berries, herbs, barks and other natural ingredients. We also rely on all natural ingredients due to their protective, preventative and corrective powers.

Just like our namesake, Valentia Skin Care products have been formulated with natural and organic cosmetic ingredients that will repair and protect the skin.

After performing extensive research into what skin care customers find most important, we found an overwhelming demand for skin care that is natural, free of toxins and paraben-free. Natural ingredients with an organic base have proven most effective at repairing skin damaged by sun or wind, preventing signs of aging such as wrinkles, dark spots, and reversing the effects of oxidative stress on the skin.






Where have we been

You have probably noticed we haven’t been on lately and the website is gone….

The reason behind that is simply, we are busy and the website didn’t make us any money so we had to make some cuts ..

Life has been really busy with fulltime jobs, graduations, starting college, and everything else in between. This is certainly not an excuse just an explanation plus we have all been a little down and didn’t feel like blogging. My goal is that we are going to be better and post more I got back in to testing products so I am getting more excited to blog.

Please be patient

We appreciate each and every person who goes on this blog

Have a great day

Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer

Valentia Pure Glow Brightening Moisturizer



We got to try Valentia pure glow brightening moisturizer

The Claim: A lightweight fast absorbing cream that illuminates skin while providing all-day hydration.

This Brightening Moisturizer Will:
– Lighten dark spots
– Restore skin radiance
– Even skin tone
– Diminish fine lines
– Provide all-day hydration

Specially selected ingredients work together to achieve optimum results


– Botanical Hyaluronic Acid: Floods skin with moisture, supports skin elasticity, and plumps skin from within.

– Kojic Acid: Controls melanin production and prevents dark spots.

– Ginseng: Boosts skin firming collagen, fights wrinkles, and gives the skin a brighter and more energized look.

– Safflower Oil: Repairs skin’s natural moisture barrier and provide superior skin protection.

– Shea Butter: Infuses skin with a myriad of vitamins and nutrients for superior skin hydration and nourishment.

The Review: I really was pleasantly surprised at how much you get,  Usually it is a much small container so this review started off well. It has a pleasant smell and a great finish that soaked up quickly , lightweight, and did not leave a oily film. I don’t think I got a chance to use it long enough to see a major difference other than I am hydrated and not oily but I have high hopes that I will notice a difference.

This is definitely affordable around $25 and worth every penny. The brand itself is an awesome company they are natural, organic, and paraben-free, the whole goal is to provide good skin care and they are reasonably priced on everything. Below you will find the link to try it yourself







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Dynamic Sonic Instant Eye lift


We got to test Dynamic Sonic Instant Eye Lift and I was beyond excited her is the claim

Reduces wrinkles and fine lines
– Tightens and firms skin while you feel it working
– smooths fine lines and wrinkles for an enhanced complexion
– Get instant results that last 6-8 hours

I used the cream the first day I got it and it comes in the cutest packaging it looks like an injection pen. I had to figure out that it pumps to come out but once that was figure out it was smooth sailing. The cream is a Pink shade with a slight smell but is truly like magic. I have never had an eye lift cream that actually lifts your skin. I have to apologize my pictures are not the best (no makeup, Nothing on my face). I first noticed my forehead felt tighter, then My eyes, then my jowls. I am not a Botox person so you can only imagine my surprise that it gave great lift it wasn’t just a lotion. This eye lift is a little more expensive but it is a great product. Honestly the first time I have seen such fast results. I was a little sensitive to it but it only caused slight redness. The company was so kind to include a discount code that you can find below. I completely back this product up if you need something fast, easy, and effective this is a good choice. The only downfall is the price.


Instant Eye Lift

25% OFF exclusive discount with this coupon code



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