Healthy Happenings

This is our first post in a while for the healthy happenings but we are going through some changes in the moxie manor and getting healthy is top priority.


How to segment a grapefruit

( grapefruits are a very healthy fruit my sis can’t have them but my mom and I love them not only do they have vitamin c but some say they help with getting rid of that pesky fat we all hate)

First start off with a grapefruit… make sure it is not mushy or too hard you want a soft fruit without too many bruises.

Cut off the top and bottom and start to take you knife along the side to just get the peel and the white off

july 2014 127

then when you get all of the skin removed you can see the white part that guides you on how to segment it

run your knife along each white part and a segment will fall out .. top with sugar or salt or any other flavor you prefer

july 2014 128 july 2014 129 july 2014 130 july 2014 131 july 2014 132 july 2014 134



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