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about us

About Us…


Our names are Jamie (left pic) and Patti (right pic). We are two sisters who live together in Phoenix, AZ. We share a home with our beautiful beagles, Tyson and Teddy (which you can see pics of in the TNT files), and Cooper. He is 15, amazing, funny, handsome, and a type 1 diabetic. We originally started this blog to just discuss diabetes, but Coop wanted us to be more than diabetes (just like him) so it morphed into what it is today. Moxie is all about courage and determination. We needed that when Cooper was diagnosed in 2010 and we need it today. We both are foodies, love to read (Jamie is a self-proclaimed magazine whore and Patti has pulled all-nighters because she was enthralled in a book.), go to the movies, try new restaurants, travel, decorate for holidays, coupon, + more. Jamie is a fantastic cook and loves to try out or invent new recipes (Patti loves eating those recipes!). We hope our little blog inspires you to find your moxie J

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