Why hello there… it has been awhile since we have blogged and I guess we just lost the will to get on for awhile. Sometimes life happens and you really don’t feel like sharing or capturing the not so good moments. With that being said I am working on getting us back to feeling the will to blog again. To be honest we have never made money on this and don’t have a lot of knowledge to get the perks of a blog and I don’t really know our place.

Let me explain

1.) We are middle aged sisters, the child we parent together is 20 now (type 1 diabetic) and not always a ray of sunshine.

2.) We love food (which is why we are always dieting to try to lose weight).

3.) We are not famous, we don’t have a lot of friends, we don’t have a lot of money (we are a paycheck to paycheck household).

4.) We really suck at being fake so what you see if what you get most days.

5.) We don’t wear makeup (we love makeup) most Saturdays we have not showered or put any makeup on but we have fun with the dogs 🙂

6.) The house is dirty, I would love to be organized and efficient but the truth is we just aren’t….

7.) I don’t have a $3000  camera to take pictures and sometimes things are blurry and imperfect.

8.) We both work Full-Time and sometimes we are tired 

9.) Our house is 20 years old needs some work (its time) 

10.) We are not conventional (we don’t have perfect teeth, hair, nail, skin, we are not skinny) my grammar needs help most days and I don’t really care if you have a problem with it.  

so with that being said things just aren’t always pretty all of the time and we lost our mojo or “Moxie”


My plan is to try to share a little more about our world and hopefully if you like us you come back but if you hate our faces move on.


2018 we are going to try this blog thing again.


Starting out first up is our beagle boys 

Teddy and Tyson

they are 7 1/2 years old brothers from the same litter, very loud barkers/bayers , spoiled rotten (they are babysat by my parents)

and we couldn’t love them any more. 



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