Super Sunday(Reflections of the past week)

Happy Sunday! It is rainy and overcast here in Phoenix, AZ and nothing could please me more. Candles are lit and Jamie is prepping to make tortilla soup for dinner, so the house will have an Uh-Mazing smell all day. Life is getting better and better here at Moxie Manor. My peeps are healing and life is getting blissfully normal again. Here are a few highlights of the past week…


-After a day with dental work, soup was exactly what the Dr. ordered. Having it on a rainy day was the cherry on top.


-Target had the cutest little board in the $1 and $3 section(Don’t mind my tootsies that ended up in the shot. Whoops!). They also had…


-This little wooden seed box which we plan to use as a recipe box. Cute stuff and very inexpensive too!


-This little owl tablecloth is perfect on our patio. Only cost $3 too.


-These clouds are helping keep the temps cooler this Sunday morning. We have the windows and doors wide open. There is nothing better than a cool breeze on a Spring day. It is pure heaven for me.

On a serious note…our hearts go out to Nepal and its victims/survivors. If you have a quiet moment, say a little prayer for them today. Life is crazy and overwhelming sometimes, but tragedies have a weird way of reminding us how precious it is as well. Hug your loved ones and do something fun today. That is the best way to honor life.

Have a wonderful week and we will talk to you soon 🙂



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