High Five for Friday

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Happy Friday! Sorry I have been AWOL these past few weeks. I have been dealing with some heavy issues. My boss/friend lost her 2 year old Granddaughter, Coop had feet issues/ had to see a podiatrist, and there was flooding all around AZ. Crazy times I tell ya. The funeral was beautiful and actually sparked me to remember that life is precious and I need to enjoy it more. So many days I waste worrying about stuff I just simply cannot control. I worry about work at my desk at work, when I am home. I worry about Coop 24/7. I worry about my Mom’s health. I worry, worry, worry. I need to chill out and enjoy the little things. I am happy it isn’t as crazy hot, Fall is finally here, and those flowers I planted are blooming. Life is happening all around us. I need to get in the game! Here were some highlights of this past week…


-This book is amazing. Everyday I read and am amazed at how much I am learning. It is just beautiful inside and out.


-My happy mail aka: Birchbox came. It was fun to open and I still say it is the best $10 I spend on myself every month.


-Fall cleaning is happening. Method has a limited edition apple line that smells uh-mazing. Makes cleaning more fun when you have fun cleaning products/tools.


-Halloween décor is out. These items made it into my basket. No regrets.


-These beggars are the best. Sometimes, when life is wonky the pets keep me grounded. I love them so much.

I hope you are doing great and that the weekend finds you with people you love and surrounded with beauty 🙂


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