Product of the Week /Summer Essential #3 and #4


Because of my hiccup last week(more on that later), I am playing catch-up and doing 2 product of the week/summer essentials. A mesh bath sponge and a good shower gel are essential all year round, but especially during summer.


Not all mesh bath sponges are the same. You want to get a decent one and you also want to make sure you change them out too. One bath sponge=One month(That is what I have been told at least)or if you wash them weekly it can last 3-6 months. I got this one at Target for $3. So good does not have to equal crazy expensive.


Now, I try a lot of shower gels and I like a lot of shower gels. Currently, I am loving Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Strawberry Banana Nourishing Yogurt Shower Smoothie(That is mouthful!). It is super thick, so a little goes along way, and the smell is amazing( I could smell that scent all day long). It also hydrates me very well and doesn’t react with my sensitive skin. Huzzah!

What are your summer essentials? We’d love to hear your input.

Happy Hump Day!

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