Products I am obsessed with right now.

I am a simple gal. I grew up w/ Jergens cherry almond lotion, Irish Spring soap, Noxema, and cheap makeup as my beauty products. I still love them too. As  I age though, my eyes have wrinkles and my skin is dry (My thyroid being hella out of whack right now is just not helping either).Here are a few products I am loving right now.

These Nivea products are saving me right now. I have been lotioning up like I am one of the victims in Silence of the Lambs. These products are the best things right now for my dry but sensitive skin. While we are on that note…

I am loving this shave gel. My legs are not nearly as dry,as they were after I have shaved, since using this product. As Martha says, it is a good thing.

My hair is dry with all the blowouts and such. Add my curly hair to mix and it can be a frizzy mess. This product has helped tame the beast for years.

A new makeup item I bought, as a splurge, that I am digging right now is Urban Decay’s Wizard of OZ pallet in Glinda( I fancy myself a good witch apparently).

That bottom right color is getting used everyday it is so fantastical.

Well, I hope you enjoyed a few of the products that are rockin’ my socks right now. Have a great monday

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