New Years Eve

Well, here it is. We are on the cusp of 2013. It also happens to be my beautiful boy’s 15th B-Day. Lots of preparations are being made today. I caught Coops cold from last week and now I look like this*see below* running around preparing for his party.

But, the show will go on. I cannot believe my little boy is turning into a man. A man who can drive next year. Wowza!!! In my eyes he is my little guy(Although he towers over me now). Here is a pic of me and him on the 1st day of 1st grade.

Here we are at his 8th grade graduation in May. Prime example of how much taller than me he is and now he is even taller!

I just love him so much and wish him the best birthday ever. It’s time to take my meds and get this party prep going. Have a very safe and happy new year’s eve

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