Christmas 2012 Wrap -Up

I really hope you all had a super Christmas. Ours was pretty good considering the illness and dental issues that plagued us.The five of us were together and that was the best gift I could have asked for(Plus having the four legged kids with us too). I am very blessed to have a family that is so close and supports one another so much. We have our traditions that we stick to and enjoy. I am extremely lucky to have the family that I do.Now, onto some materialistic items I received and loved this year.

A blingy buckle ring. Now, you should know I wear costume jewelry 24-7 so this ring is perfect for me. I believe Kohls had one for $17.99 after Thanksgiving. My Mom managed to get it for me and I love it. Fancy stuff huh?

While we are are on blingy items…

I saw one of these at the car dealership for $40 but guess who sells them for $9.99 online? Walmart! Who Knew? My parents knew! Roxy (My car’s name) will love this on her.

For over 20 years, this has been my signature scent….

Victoria’s Secret Rapture Perfume. Mmmmmmm. Smells fantastic!

Leopard Flats. I have always wanted some and now I have them. Yay!

My new purse is adorable. The picture doesn’t do it justice. Lulu at JC Penny has made Lulu Guinness items affordable and they are FUN! I got Jamie a black wallet from the line too. Very cute stuff!

Last but not least is…..

A Hello Kitty bike bell for my bike. I Loooovvvveee this and cannot wait to attach it to my bike.

Well, that pretty much wraps up Christmas 2012. Hope yours was great

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