Week in Review

This week was almost identical to last week. And the week before that too. We are going at a nutzo pace and it is hard. This coming week will probably be the worst and then we will gradually slide down the peak.Thank God! I knew life was going to be busy, but hells bells the last month aged me. Work was good. Cooper had a hard football week( I could write a whole rant about it, but I am choosing not to). Diabetes was decent to him this past week. That is all I can ask for. We missed our Thriller dance class again because of obligations(In case I forgot to mention it, the class is to do a flash mob at a Halloween festival in a month). Hopefully, we can go and do it this week and just be late to our booster meeting. Life has been a whole lotta robbing Peter to pay Paul lately. With time and money. We are almost through the worst of it though so there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I always try to find the light and use it as my focal point.Here are a few highlights to the week.

The Homecoming corsage Coop got his date. Cute huh?

My dashing son!

And the best part?

New Music!!! We got the new No Doubt, Mumford & Sons, and The Killers cd’s. Yay!!!

I really hope you had a good week. Let’s make this one even better!

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