Cool Stuff!

Fall is Jamie and I’s favorite time of year. The decorating possibilities just unfold with all the cool things that stores get in and the show mother nature puts on. We live in Phoenix, AZ so we will have to do our annual drive up north for the color show. Down in the valley we are just appreciating the fall show stores are putting on. Here is a few of our fun & cheap finds.

Being the purse tramp that I am(Meaning, I am lousy at staying faithful to just 1), I needed a fall purse. This Roxy was the right color and size I needed.

These babies are back! Oh, how I love them. They taste fantastic and they smell amazing. So good with Nutella.

How cute is this Halloween sign? It was $3.99 too. Do you love it? I bought it at Ross

YOLO(You obviously love owls)? Why yes WE do

How could we resist the cuteness? We couldn’t obviously.

So fun and he works too.

Tell me these metal containers aren’t 70’s cool.

And the finale is this guy….

Looks sweet and innocent. No biggie right?

He is a nesting measuring cup set!!!! How freakin’ cool?

Here are a few of our fall finds. Hopefully, you have some cool fall finds as well

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