Book review – Don’t breathe a word

Book Review – Don’t Breathe A Word by Holly Cupala.


I want to start off by saying this is the first book of the book club I joined. I knew absolutely nothing about it until I read it (which is something I rarely do). I am notorious for reading the last page of the book before I begin it (usually because I know the plot and want to see if I will be remotely happy with the ending). I did not do that with this book because I needed to see what it was all about first (I did sneak a peek at the ending while in the middle of it though). This book is very gritty. It is sad too. I wasn’t in the “best of places” personally, so I wondered if that skewed my view. It is about a girl named Joy who is in a verbally abusive relationship with her boyfriend. She ends up leaving her family to escape him and live in the streets. The majority of the book is about street life for runaway teens. May, Santos, and Creed become her family. They all do “jobs” to contribute to their survival and they aren’t all good. I, being a mother, ached for these kids. I hate seeing kids suffer and I really hate adults who prey upon them. I think that was the hardest thing for me in reading this book. My son is 14 and only a smidge younger than these characters. Imagining him or his friends doing what these kids had to do just turned my stomach. The authors writing style was easy to follow and it was a topical subject. I guess what I am saying is this….If you want a light and happy read, this isn’t your book but if you want to learn about something that affects millions in America try this out. I am very curious to hear what the other book club members think. Stay tuned for book #2 J


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