The mountain

                                                                    The Mountain

This past week was insane. I wrapped up school. There was a bunch of drama on whether or not I would actually “get” my associates degree. Let me backtrack and explain. I took a year off after high school. I started at PVCC Aug 1992. I took a few classes here and there until 1994. I dropped out of school, got married, and 3 years later had Coop. I was too busy being a mom to attend school. I officially went back fall of 2003 taking only one class at a time. I was scared to go back but I did it. 2009 and 2010 were hard years and I took them off as well (Coop was dx’ed and my Dad had 2 knee surgeries). When I got the bad news about my job, I made the decision to just finish my last three classes and then worry about the job situation. Last week, I was told I had to take a reading test (it hadn’t been needed before but times changed I suppose). I took the test and got an 89%. I found out it needed to be a 91% and I had one more chance or I would have to wait a year and/or take a reading class. I stink at taking tests. My brain gets foggy, my blood pressure gets wonky, and I break out in hives. Not fun. I cried and cried that day. I was convinced there was no way I would pass and my heart was broken. I failed. At least that is what I thought. Tuesday I took my math final and stressed on whether or not I passed. Thursday night I found out I got a B. I cried because I knew I had to do well on the reading test on Friday or else. I got a 93%. I bawled. Somehow I did it. I just couldn’t’t believe I did exactly what I set out to do and succeeded. It took 20 years but I got it. On Thursday, I went to Thunderbird Mountain. I wanted to see if I could hike it. Just see. I am totally out of shape. I have gained back all the weight I lost a few years ago and I was sure I couldn’t’t do it. Except…. I didJ. I climbed the mountain and finished my associate’s degree in one week.  I am proud beyond words. I cannot tell you the last time I was truly proud of myself but I am.  I really hope this feeling lasts for a bit.

Here is the mountain….

The fork in the road…

Left meant climbing the mountain and right meant going down and giving up.

I went….

Up and to the top and I found this….

I was on top of the world!

Thanks for letting me share my victory and for those of you who supported me, I cannot ever thank you enough J


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