The green eyed monster

     The Green Eyed Monster

jealousy/ˈjeləs/ -Feeling or showing envy of someone or their achievements and advantages.


Something happened last night that has been bugging me. One of the D-Moms, that I really like, posted her kiddo went in for the A1C test and it had gone down to a normal number range. Apparently, she got some crap for that. People said she was boasting and it left her upset enough to blog about it and defend herself. I saw her post and commented that folks were probably jealous and she should just celebrate the moment and not worry about others (I said it nicer than that but I did use the word jealous). Another mom hopped on and said she had been one of the people to send her a message “and it had nothing to do with jealousy and that it was totally not a jealous thing. I’m not on FB for drama I’m here for support and I think those that messaged her were not looking for drama or even jealous they were just wondering how she managed such a low A1C in such a young child and possibly looking for support.” She went on to say some very kind things about the D-Momma in question but here is my point. Weren’t you jealous? I believe we all were a bit jealous (see definition above and disagree with that). It’s ok too! Why does it have to some ugly thing? Of course we are envious her kid has good numbers. We all wish that our babies did not have this damn disease in the first place but to have great numbers is a wonderful thing. We all want a bit of wonderful in our world. Nobody said this or anybody else’s intentions were bad. This    D- Mom felt attacked though and I have had those moments too. They suck! I am all about supporting each other but sometimes the way things come out hurt. It may not be intentional, but we should watch what we say or type. I don’t understand being confrontational with someone because they are having a good day or a bad day. If it is a good day, they are few and far between. If it is a bad day, why kick someone when they are down. This post isn’t set out to offend anyone or to confront anyone. I really just want you to realize jealously is a real emotion and it isn’t ugly. We can envy someone for having a good day. It’s ok! For someone who says they aren’t into “FB Drama” you sure rose to the occasion and made a whole bunch of people feel uncomfortable. This is the very reason I started a blog. I needed a safe place to write my fears, hopes, and accomplishments without judgment. End of rant

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