The ex factor

                                                        The Ex Factor

I don’t discuss my ex much because he isn’t around much. I have noticed on some of the groups I am on, the gals discuss how husbands deal with the diabetes as opposed to themselves. Imagine having to deal with an ex. He is the one person that you couldn’t deal with on a daily basis. He is the one person who knows how to push all those magic buttons that make you go bonkers. He knows your weak spots and uses them against you. Guess what… that man is supposed help you keep your kid alive and you now have to work as a team. I am either lucky or unlucky (depending on your view) that my ex left the state for a job on the road. He pops in once a month or so to visit my son but otherwise he is gone. He is way behind in child support and hasn’t contributed anything to help with the medical expenses. He just breezes in and out as he pleases and doesn’t worry about diabetes and our son because “I’ve got it handled”. I do, but what choice did I have? I am very fortunate for my parents and sister. They help me in so many ways but the father of my child…nothing. He feels free to criticize though. Oh believe me, I have been told “If he eats less you wouldn’t have to buy so much insulin” or “Put him on a low carb diet and that’ll help him”. How about “He doesn’t need to be on a pump”( He pulled that one out while talking with a mediator discussing how spoiled he believes my son is). In case you haven’t caught on, my ex is no help. What I have to do is just focus on the prize (which is Cooper). I have to block out his negativity and press on (some days are easier than others). I have been told divorced diabetes moms are rare. I wanted to post something so that if by chance you are in this boat, you’d know you are not alone. If you married and your hubby is working against you instead of with you, you aren’t either (I hear that complaint a lot).  Sometimes it is just nice to know that you are not alone. I hope this helps one of you out there J


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