Thankful Thursday on Saturday

                         Thankful Thursday

Today is Thanksgiving aka Turkey Day. We had a very nice dinner. Coops numbers were fantastic. Mom is getting a bit better (she has pneumonia). I have a bunch to be thankful for.

The boys. I love them. They make things interesting for sure.

My son and his buddies too. Being Diabetic is tough but Coop is a trooper and his friends are really good about everything. I am super lucky that he found good friends too.

So grateful for this trio + my mom. I can’t imagine life without them. They keep me sane and support me. I wish everyone had a good team like them.

I am also grateful for my friends (Jamie T. you know I am looking at you). I also have people who I have never “actually” met. We communicate through D-moms support groups on Facebook and they have been there when I break. Thank God for them. They understand and that means more than words can express.

I hope everyone has had a very nice Thanksgiving holiday and had their turkey fill (or veggie fill in Jamie T’s case).

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