what’s your number????

                                What’s your #?????

The importance of numbers in our life struck me today. Coop had his A1C test today and he went from 8.1 to 7.6 in 3 months. Yay!!!! I am thrilled with that progress but we weighed too and it went up. My weight has gone up. I worry about the amount of money in bank. So on and so on. Numbers are in our everyday life and we base our importance on them. If Coop had gotten a bad A1C did that mean I failed? What if his hormones screwed with the numbers? Would it matter? My point here is that a number does not mean we failed. We may have to work to do but a failure? No, I don’t think so. Try to be kind to yourself. Numbers go up and numbers go down. It is inevitable. How we approach that number is all we can control. I am working on making numbers less scary and having a better attitude. If it is high and I don’t want it to be (Hey, a high amt. of money in the bank would be nice!), I will look at it as a starting point and move on. I hope you will too J


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