I fell and had an epiphany …..


Today I was walking to class. I was surrounded by 18-20 somethings. Then, I fell going up the stairs. Yep, I fell going UP the stairs. Only me right? Well as soon as I hit the concrete, I thought “OH. MY. GOD. What should I do?” and then I got up. I brushed myself off, went to class, and took some Ibuprofen (I knew my body was gonna ache after the adrenalin wore off). I am so worried what people think sometimes and at the end of the day….nothing, nada, zero happens (and hey, if I give them a laugh…Oh well). I have been tested a lot these past few years. All the things I thought I could never survive, I did. I have been through more than I ever thought I could handle and yet I am still here (maybe a few more gray hairs and wrinkles though).  In THE SECRET, they say to not think bad thoughts because then you manifest it into happening. I need to work on trying to think better thoughts. I am going to start a thankful Thursday on the blog. I will list 5 things I am thankful for and I hope you will too. Now, I need to go get the heating pad and some more meds because I am SORE.


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