Girl Day in Downtown Glendale

       Girl Day in Downtown Glendale

My sister got off work early so….. we headed to downtown Glendale for lunch and a bit of shopping. I love it there so much. It looks like Bedford Falls at Christmas and the stores can decorate so good that you believe it is fall(even when it is 98 degrees out).

We started our excursion at The Spicery. They do homemade rolls for their sandwiches. Homemade Rolls I tell you!

One word….YUM!!!!

Then we moved on to The Cottage Garden (one of my all-time favorite stores ever).

The store is filled with fun and affordable items.

This time of year they do a bang up job decorating and I want it all…..

And to finish the day….

Coconut macaroons, a magic bar, and a slice of heavenly pie from Shelly’s Bakery. To. Die. For.

It was a fabulous day with two of my favorite people.


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