one year ago

One year ago……..

How could I possibly start this post without saying that I love my kid. There is nothing in this crazy world I wouldn’t do for him. Cooper is my whole world. A year ago seems so far away. So much has changed. How could it not? Cooper was at my mom’s house and complained of being so thristy and that he needed to pee alot. My mom ,a recently diagnosed Type 2 diabetic, checked his blood sugars and he was 350. They called me and I called his doctor. She told me to clean his hands and check him again. If he was at 350 still, we needed to rush him to Phoenix Childrens Hospital. He was 510. I don’t remember too much after that except being so scared. I am not a “blood person”. I am not a “needle person”. And… God was giving me a diabetic child. So, me + blood/needles were gonna have to become friends. Quick too. I think all my prayers went to ” make it type 2 and I swear we will eat better and exercise but please, please, oh please don’t be type 1″. The following week it was confirmed it was type 1. My heart sank to the floor and little by little… I am picking up the pieces. The first few months were rough but ok. He got put on a pump at the end of October and the world turned to crap. We had to learn a whole new set of rules and those darn pods were touchy. Lots of pod fails. By Thankgiving, I was a complete mess. Coop was a mess too. December I started asking for help from anyone I could. The manufactor of the pump, our endocronologist, our local American Diabetes chapter, blogs, etc. And you know what? It helped. Time helped too. We became used to the crazinessof the disease. One day may be freaking fantastic and the next…poor Coop is guzzling water by the gallons so his numbers will go down. I have learned so much this past year too. About myself, my family, and most of all Cooper. He is such a strong,smart, adaptive kid. Who was I to keep crying when he was moving on and living? He needs his mom. Not the crazy chick I was becoming. If you are reading this and your kid was recently diagnosed, hang in there. The ride is very bumpy. There will be lots of highs and lows(literally) but at the end of the day your kid needs normalcy. Don’t let diabetes dictate your happiness. Live life instead of existing in it.

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